UM Festival 2016

[column lg=”3″ md=”3″ sm=”3″ xs=”12″ ]Fine Arts
Sonja Alhäuser
Awst & Walther
Johannes Buss (Radical Adults Productions)
Paula Doepfner
Brad Downey / Diego Sologuren
Dennis Feddersen
Ulrike Mohr
Maik Teriete
Markus Wirthmann

Paula Schopf / Max Loderbauer
Le Petit Heimatlieder
Gudrun Gut
Barbara Morgenstern
Strobocop / Chica Paula

Aljoscha Brell
Jaroslav Rudiš
Nell Zink
Patricia Klobusiczky

Bernd Jeschek

Camera Obscura der Aktiven Naturschule Prenzlau[/column]
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The UM Festival for Contemporary Art, Music and Literature took place for the fifth time in the villages of Fergitz, Pinnow and Sternhagen Gut from September 9 to 11, 2016.

The RBB shot for the series Stilbruch at the UM Festival. The film by Tim Evers shows the festival as an exploration of the region, the landscape and its inhabitants and accompanies some visual artists in the creation of their works: How art came to the village?

For the 2016 festival Dr. Marc Wellmann, artistic director of the Haus am Lützowplatz Berlin, has been the curator for fine arts. The music was selected by Gudrun Gut and Thomas Fehlmann. Ute Koenig and Andrea Ribbers were responsible for literature events.