UMWege. UM Festival 2021

The 7th UM Festival 2021 will take place from Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 August 2021.

In unusual times, the UM Festival 2021 explores the landscape via UMWays, where visitors repeatedly encounter art, literature and music. This “walk” through the landscape (incl. shuttle bus and bicycle rental) makes it possible to equalise the public traffic, there is plenty of space and air. The festival also takes an environmentally conscious approach to natural space. With artistic interventions, compositions and reflections, we invite you to experience the rural surroundings of the Uckermark.

This year’s edition of the UM Festival is curated by Harald F. Theiss (visual arts), Gudrun Gut (music), and Ute Koenig (literature).

Artists – Fine Arts: Lena von Goedeke, Hanna Hallermann, Fabian Knecht, Antonia Low, Katinka Pilscheur, Michael Sailstorfer, Andrea Winkler, Raul Walch and Ulrich Wüst

Artists – Music: Albert Hofmann Soundsystem, Donna Maya, Ensemble Quillo, Mabe Fratti (Tbc), Monika Werkstatt, Pilocka Krach, Rachel Lyn, Teichmann & Söhne

Artists – Literature: Janine Adomeit, Pierre Jarawan, Caroline Rosales, Iris Wolff

We look forward to your visit!

The 7th UM Festival for contemporary art, music and literature takes place every two years in the Uckermark region around the villages of Fergitz, Pinnow, Gustavsruh and Weiler. The aim of the UM Festival is to draw attention to one of the most beautiful, but also structurally weak areas of Germany. After many exhibitions dealing with the causes of change processes and the destruction of the landscape, the 7th UM Festival UMWEGE is also an attempt to approach the relationship between man and nature between appropriation and shaping of his environment in a more optimistic way again today. With artistic interventions, positions and reflections in and around the landscape, responsibility for nature can grow. While in the recent past the sobering and fragile state of the landscape was increasingly staged in the protected exhibition space, the festival goes back to the natural space in an environmentally conscious way: actionistic, sustainable, ecological, social.