The UM-Festival for Contemporary Art, Literature, and Music takes place once every two years in the region of the Uckermark in and around the villages of Fergitz, Pinnow, and Sternhagen Gut.

The area surrounding the two Uckermark lakes northeast of Berlin is not only a destination for weekend outings. It has also become home to many Berlin artists and cultural professionals. One group of such residents came together in 2007 to form the charitable foundation “Freunde der Uckermark e.V.” This citizen initiative launched the first UM-Festival a year later, in 2008. Once every two years since then, visual artists have been invited to get to know the Uckermark region and its people over the course of several months, and incorporate this experience into their work. The climax of each cycle is a three-day festival. In addition to presentation of the site-specific works developed by participating artists, selected musicians and writers are invited to read or perform from their recent work. By presenting works at a wide range of sites in the region, from private homes, gardens, and courtyards to public plazas, bus stops, lakes, or abandoned quarries, the UM-Festival hopes to show not only the artists, but also the region, with all its beauty and diversity, to advantage. And we hope that many visitors will be inspired to return to the Uckermark region, either for a longer visit or to stay.

The mission of the UM-Festival is to enliven and draw attention through art to one of the most beautiful natural landscapes in Germany – in a region that also suffers from an inadequately developed infrastructure. In addition, we want to give artists the opportunity to develop and present works in unusual sites, such as private homes, gardens, and courtyards, as well as public plazas, bus stops, lakes, or abandoned quarries. We also hope to initiate dialogues and encourage exchanges among the participating artists and between artists and festival visitors.
The varied and wide-ranging networks of the several UM-Festival organizers ensure that we reach a regional and supra-regional audience.